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Seward Planning. & Zoning Commission <br />/elaine Bardarson <br />V r~ CALL TO ORDER <br />V <br />Chairman <br />Term Expires 02/98 <br />~ p ' <br />pLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE ~~ v <br />/ <br />. / Wayne Carpemer <br />VVV Commissioner ~ ROLL CALL <br />Term Expires 02/99 <br /> 4. SPECIAL REPORTS <br />Jnne CastelGna <br />Vice Chairman <br />Term Expires 02/97 <br />A. Borough Planning Commission (Carpenter) <br />~rrar Ctark ort <br />g. City Administration Re1p <br />' <br />^ <br />~~ <br />Commissioner <br />Term Expires 02/98 ' <br />/ <br />~_S~y,~~G <br />C ~C~~ <br />L- <br />~~("~` <br />& Presentations <br />t <br />~` <br /> C <br />s <br />Other Repo ,Announcemen <br />ris <br /> <br />tame Kincheloe <br />Commissioner <br />5. <br />CITIZENS' COMMENTS ON AGENDA ITEMS NOT <br />Term Expires 02/99 SCHEDULED FOR PUBLIC HEARING <br />,/on Niebrugge ~ ~ <br />~ APPROVAL OF AGENDA AND CONSENT AGENDA <br />Commissioner <br />Term Expires 02/98 ~ ~ [Approval of Consent Agenda passes all routine items <br /> <br />b <br />~ indicated by asterisk (*). Consent Agenda items are not <br />missioner so requests <br />C <br />eness <br />hannon Ski . <br />om <br />considered separately unless a <br />Commissioner In the event of such a request, the item is returned to the <br />Term Expires 02/97 Regular Agenda.J. <br /> 7. PUBLIC HEARINGS <br /> Requiring Public Heari g <br />A. Resolutions <br />Ron Garzini ` <br />JAS C: <br />'Vl ~ ~s'~ <br />~1"~L~ <br />M <br />Ciry Manager { <br />, <br />, <br />1. Re~~lution No. 96-13, approving a Condi- <br />Kerry Martin tional Use Permit to Randy Blum for the <br />Community Developmem construction and operation of a motel at 911 <br />Director Third Avenue on Lot 6A, Block 17, Federal <br /> Addition, Blum Addition <br />Rachel James <br />Ptanning Assrstam <br />Planning & Zoning Commission Regutar Meeting Agenda <br />September 4, 1996 Page 1 <br />Son~nmhnr 4. 1996 7:30 p.m. Ciry Council Chambers <br />