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The City of Seward, Alaska <br />Council <br />Cit3'~ <br /> <br />Jo~er 13, "LW ~ Ca11 to Order <br />1. Pledge of Allegiance <br />2. Subject Except Those Items <br />3• Roll Call Ve signed in <br />Clark Corbridge Citizens Comments On Any [Those H'hO ~ is limited to <br />Mayor 4. eanng• eak. Time <br />Term Expires 2009. Scheduled For Pub tiop ortunity to sP or thts <br />iven the fi 30 minutes total time f <br />Willard E. Dunham will beg er speaker and roval of <br />vice Mayor 2 minutes p ends [APP <br />TemrExp`ces2008 agendaite Of Agenda And C°nsent Agte~ lmltcated by <br />Approval asses all .routine considered <br />5• ends P A ends items are not <br />Robertv~datta Consent A8 uests. In the event <br />Council Member * Consent 8 ember so req ular <br />Ex ires2oo9 asterisk (~• council m is returned to the Reg <br />Te`n' P separately unless a the item <br />o f such a request, <br />Tom Smith Agenda] <br />Council Member <br />Term Expires 2009 <br />Special Orders, Presentations And ReP° Pg 5 <br />Kellar 6. d Award ..... <br />Betsy A, proclamations an onth •• • <br />Council Member 1 Adoption Aw'azeness M <br />Term Expires 2009 h Assembly Rep°rt <br />$• $oroug er'sReport <br />art <br />Jew Bardarson C. City Manag $Oazd Rep <br />D City Attorney Report dvisory <br />Council Member erce A <br />Term Expires 2008 and Cpmm <br />E. Seward P arts Special Presentation <br />Linda Ambers p. Other Rep $eward Ranger District on the <br />Council Member USDA Forest Service - <br />TermExpires2008 1. Forest. <br />Chugach National <br />~ public Hearings ublic hearing <br />Phillip Oates ni~pg a P <br />City Manager A. Resolutions re9 ~ 109> AdoPt1On of Fiscal <br />h 200 - Of General Funds> <br />Jean Lewis 1 Resolution 2007-100 t e °uC°nsistiitg <br />Cicy Clerk Years 2008 City Bhe Motor Pool Fund And The Capital <br />.....Pg- 6 <br />nSe Funds, ....... <br />.. <br />Brad Meyen Enterp • • ""' <br />Cheryl Brookrng $udget..:......... <br />City Attorney <br />Council Agenda <br />Page I <br />,,.... „f.ceward, Alaska <br />