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C'irt~ r!l~.Se•t,•<„-rl. ;llasc„+ Cip~ Cau+ci! Ahn+Nes <br />~'~'ueet+ther l ). ?(/(! % 1''vlunuc s 7, !'ttXc 44' <br />The Novenrbcr 13, 2011? regular meeting of the Seward City Council was called to order at <br />7:30 p.m. by ivta}'or Clark Corhridge. <br />OPCNING C;IvKF.I•IONl' <br />Police Clticl'Tom Clemrn~s led tlrc pledge of a4fegiancc to the flag. <br />ROLL CALL <br />There were present: <br />Clark C'orbridge presiding and <br />Willard Durtltanr LindaAmberg <br />Boh Valdatta Jcan Bardarson <br />Betsy kellar <br />comprising a quorum of the Council; and <br />Phillip Oates, City Ylanagcr <br />Johanna Dollerhide, Acting City Clerk <br />Cheryl Brooking, City Attorney <br />~ .46yENT' -Tom Smith, excused <br />0177"LENS' COVIA4FNTS ON ANY SUBJECT E3(CI:PT THOSF. I'i•EMS SCHEDULED <br />FOR PUBLIC IIEARING <br />I,,ynn Hohl, gave a brief school hoard report. Hohl recently attended a sta[ewide conference <br />of the Association ol'Alaska School Boards as well as a district budget meeting in Soldotna. Shc <br />stated many important topics were discussed and Hoh4 gave the council recent updates with the <br />Board of education. <br />Russ Aiaddox, stated the £PA pubtishedtheir conclusion nn contamination in the Sfv11C area <br />and the results were accessible on the Internet. The ePA conchrded the areas examined were <br />contaminated and he hoped the city would use this evidence to clean up SNI1C. <br />Carol Griswold, spoke nn Urdirrancc 2007-008 to allo~t~ tmvnhouscs by conditional use <br />permit. Griswold said townhouses were not a land use, but a type of development. Rathor than <br />consider al lowiug them in the downtown conunercial business district, Griswold thought cooncit <br />should consider wltcrc town houses should he added. tihe didn't lcel this urdinance was ready to <br />move forward. <br />APPROVAL OF A(:F:NDA AND CONSENT AGENDA <br />Motion (Dunham/Bardarson) Approval of Agenda and Cmtsenl Agenda <br />