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Sponsored by: Applicant <br />CITY OF SEWARD, ALASKA <br />PLANNING ANUGUNING CUMMISSIUN <br />RF.SOLUTTON 2007-20 <br />ItESULUTIUN 2007-20 OF TIIE SEWARD PLANNING AND 7.ONING <br />COMMISSION OF 'CHE CI'hY OF SEWAKll, ALASKA, GRANTING A <br />CONDITIONAL USE PERMTI' TO THF. CITY OF SF.WAKD TU <br />CONS"fKUC'f AND MANAGE TILE OPERATION OF TILE LONG TERM <br />CAKE FACILITY ON TRACT' D, SEWAKll LUNG 'CEILM CARE <br />FACILITY SUBDIVISION, U.S.S. 1864 (PRELIMINARY PLAT), WITHIN <br />THF. INST)TIITIONAL %UNING llISTKIC'T <br />WHEREAS, the City of Seward hoc applied for a Conditional lac Fcrmit (CUP) Gom <br />the Seward Planning uidLuning Commission to construct and manage the operation of the <br />community Long Term Care Facility (LTCF) on, '1"goer ll, 5cward Lung Term Care Facility <br />Subdivision. U.S.S. 1864, (Preliminary Plat); and <br />Wf1EREAS, at the September 4, ?007 Planning and Loiwig meeting the Coaunission <br />supported raid reconuncndcd Zoning and Land Use Map amendments to change Tract [), Seward <br />Long Term Care Facility Subdivision, USS 1864, (Preliminary Plat) Isom Single gamily <br />Residential (K1) to Institutional (INS); and <br />WIIEREAS, on November 26, 2007 Seward City Council appruveJ Ordinance 2007- <br />007, amending the. Land Use Map and the Rewning of Tract D, Seward Temi Care Facility <br />Subdivision, USS IR64, (Preliminary Plat) from Single Family Residential (Rl) to Institutional <br />(1NS); and <br />WHEREAS, according to the Seward City Codc, Land Uses Allowed "Fable 15.10?25, <br />facilities such as the planned LTCF development are allowed in the institutional7.oning llistrict <br />as a conditionally permitted use; and <br />WHEREAS, although the Greenhouse Facility (I lousing nursing, retirement, <br />wnvalescent home) requires institutional coned property, the philosophy and housing facilities <br />are residential in naturo; artd <br />WHEREAS, the intent is to provide a true residential neighlxirhood by clustering the <br />housing units and also providins laudscapc bull'ers w the adjacent residential and institutional <br />wuing districts; and <br /> <br />