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Sponsored by: Sta11' <br />.... <br />CITY OF SEWARD, ALASKA <br />PLANNING AND 7.UNING COMMISSION <br />RF.SULUTiUN 2(10?-2i <br />A RF.SULUTION OF THE SEWARD PLANNING AND "LOVING <br />COMMISSION, RF.C'OMR7(ENDING KFNIA PF:NINSl1t.A <br />BORUUC,H AYPKOVAL OF LO'T'S 37, 3R, 3'l and 40, BLOCK 23, <br />ORIGINAL'rOWNSf1'E OF SF,WARD, AV'I'EC RF.PLAT <br />w'HF.REAS, C'linc & Associate submitted the prelinunary plat of Lots 37 - 40, <br />Gluck 23, Original Towusile of Seward, AVTFC Replat to tlu City of Seward for revsew <br />and recommendation to the Kenai Yertinsula Borough: mid <br />WIIERFAS, this replat vacates the interior lot lines of Lots 37, 3R, 39 and 40, <br />Block 23. Origirud Townsitc of Seward and creates one single lot to be known as Lot <br />37A; and <br />WHEREAS, this platting action creates a single lot of approximately 11,992 <br />square fret which meets the minimum lot site and width requirement of the Seward City <br />Code; and <br />WHEREAS, the property is zoned Oliice Residential, (OR); and <br />WHEREAS, the two existing structures locate) on this property are multi-family <br />apartment buildings currently usul as AVTEC student housing; and <br />WIIF,REAS, these two existing structures were built in the late 197U's before <br />5CC§ 12.(11.030 stating "Nn building, except a single-1'emily residence, may be <br />co~utnuted across platted property lines"; and <br />WHEREAS, the property is served by existing public utilities and developal <br />streets, and therefore meets all of the ru{uirements of the Seward Subdivision Code <br />therefore nu subdivision agreement is require. <br />NOW,'CHEREFOKE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Seward Planning and Zoning. <br />Commission that: <br />Section 1. The Commission recommends that the Kenai Peninsula Borough <br />approve the Luls 37 - 4Q, Block 23, Sewazd Original Townsitc, AVTFC Replat, subjc:c;t <br />to the 1'ullowing condition: <br /> <br />