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Spunsurrd by: Phillip Oates <br />_ Cl`I'Y' OF' SEMI ARU, .4LASIiA <br />RF:S<>I•U'I'I(lV ?1.1118-11113 <br />:1 RESOLCT[ON OF TIIE CITY COUNCIL OF THF. CITY C)F' SF:N'AKU, <br />:ALASKA, ACCF•.PTING A GRANT IN TIIE ADIOUNT OF 51,299.fi0 FR011i <br />THE ALASIC.-1 HI(:HW':~1' SAFETY OFFICE FOR 2008 SECOND <br />(2UAR'l'F;R AS"IEP DRIVING UNDER TIIE INFLUENCE (DUl) <br />RNF(7NCF:~IEN'I' CA_~IYAIGV :V~D APPROPRIATING FUNDS <br />WHF.RF.AS, the Seward Police 17epartment has been awarded a Program Coordination <br />Grant from the ;~laska Highway Safety Office, in the ammunt of $1,299.60; and <br />WHEREAS, the City is not required to provide any cash or in kind match; and <br />W'l1EREAS, the use ofthese funds must he for the purpose of providiuguvrrtinro saturation <br />patrols by the Seward Police Department for the enfrn-eement of L)la violations during January, <br />February and ~9arch of 2008; and <br />L WHEREAS, these funds will he ofessential assistance to the Seward Police Department in <br />the enforcement of DUI violations. <br />NO~~', THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY TIIE CITY COUNCIL OF THF. CITY <br />OF' SEN'ARll, ALASKA, that: <br />5rction 1. The City Manager is hereby authorized to accept the 2008 ASTCP D[II <br />Enforccnrent, Alaska Highway Salcty Oliicr grant in the amount of $1,299.60 and enter into a grant <br />agreement. <br />Section 2. Funding in the anrouut of 51,299.60 is accepted to grant revenue account no. <br />101-1)000-46811-0200 and appropriated to the. police department's overtime account, nu. t01-(210- <br />SC)Ztl. <br />Section 3. 'I his resolution shall take cltcct immediately upon its adoption. <br />PASSED AND .APPROVED by the City Council of the City of Seward, Alaska, this 2$'~' <br />day of January, 2008. <br /> <br />