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L CITI' OF SE\Y'ARI), ALASK:1 <br />RESOLUTION 2008-IIUS <br />Spousorrd by: Oates <br />A RESOLUTION OF "I H@' Cl'fY COL"NCIL OF THF: CITY OF SEV1'ARD, <br />AL:1SK.1, e1UTHORI7,ING'I'HE CITY YI:INAGF.R TO'1'EKAiIN:\TE TIIE <br />2004 JOINT USE AGRF;E\IENT WITH STATF. OF' ALASKA FIRE <br />SERVICE TRAINING .ANU ALASK:1 VOCATION.AI. hECHNICAI. <br />EDUC:\TION CENTER AND F;N'1'ER INTO;1 LE;\SE AGRF.F.YIF:N'I' W'1'I'H <br />THE STATE OF ALASKA DRPAR7'1\IENT OF :1D1\lINISTRATION FOR <br />APYROX1~1;1TEL1' 7.79 ACRES UFSCRIBEll :1S TIIE UNSUBDIVIDF:U <br />KFMAINDER OF BLOCK I, FOURTH OF' JTILI' CRF.EIi SUBDIVISION, <br />SF'.\\'ARll Y1:1RI:YE INDUSTRIAL CFN"I'F:R, SE\\':1RD RECORDING <br />DIS"I RIC'h, I~HIRD JUDICLIL DISTRICT, STA'T'E OFALASKt1, FOR TIIE <br />PCRPOSF: OF CONSTRUCTING AND OPF.RA'1'ING A FIRE/S:1FF.Tl' <br />TRAININ(~ F'AC1Ll'I'1' BY TIIE :1LASKA VOCATIONAI. "TECHNICAL <br />EDUCATION CF;N'TER <br />\~'HFRF.AS, in 2[104 the City entered into ajuinl use agreement for cooperative uae ofCity- <br />owned land in the Seward Marine Industrial llistrict [or purposes of constructing and operating a <br />[v training facility; and <br />~ WIIEREAS, the Alaska Vocational Technical Education Center ("AVTEC"), as an <br />V <br />instrumentality ofthe State of Alaska, would like M lease the land tiom the City, which would allow <br />AVTEC to utilize State funds to continue construction and expansion of the facility; and <br />V4'IIEREAS, the Dcparment of Administration is the department of the State that <br />coordinates leases, would pay a reduced rent of $500 per year and would caninue. ro allow the City <br />to use the site for fire and other safety training purposes;and <br />\i'HERE:\S, a lease for less than fair market rental value will service the public interest by <br />providing benclits to the City inhaving a fire/safety training facility available, and other intangible <br />henefits to the conununity lium having trained emergency responders in our commm~ity. <br />NO\1','I'HEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY TIIE CITY COUNCII.OF THF.CITY <br />OF SF.\\'ARD, ALASK.a, that: <br />Section 1. 1'he City Manager is hereby authorized to terminate the 2004 joint use agreement <br />related to [he fireitraining center and enter inro a the Icasc agreement with the State of :Vaska <br />Department ofAdministration and the use agreement with the Alaska Vucetiunal Education Center, <br />bah in substantial form as presented at this meeting. <br />Section 2. Tho recitals above are incorporated herein by reference. <br />