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L crrY OF'sEWAIiD, ALASKA <br />RF.SOL[JTION 20118-006 <br />Sponsored hy: Oates <br />A RESULC!'1'lON OF'1'HE Cl"1'1' COUNCIL OF TI[E CIT1' OF SEW:IRD, <br />ALASKA, Ai1THORI7.INC `I'HF. CI`T'Y ~IANA(;F;R '1'U APPROPRFA'i"E <br />FUNDS IN TIIE A)•10UNT OF $5000 TO TIIE SEV1'ARD CO~iM1tUNITI' <br />FOUNDATION 'I'U PAR'I'1ClYA'I'E IN "1'HE 2007-2008 PILOT PROJECT <br />DEVELOPED FOR COl•1~tUNITI' ASSET Rl:H.D1NC:, TO INCRF;.4SF: <br />THE GCP:CCITI' OF LOC:1L COM~IUNITI' :1SSETS, TO CULTI~'.4TF. <br />LOCAI. PHILAN'1'HKOPIC LEADERSHIP ANU FC:R"I'HER SUST:~IN <br />LOCAL NONPROFITS IN THF. GRF.ATFR SF~VARU ARM;A <br />~y'HF.RFAS, the Rasmusnn Foundation and the Alaska C'onununity Foundation have <br />developed a 20U8-2009 pilot projects available to small communities; and <br />~~'HERF,.4S, the City of Seward has the opportunity to fully participate and begin their <br />own 5cward Cunununity Foundation; and <br />~~'l1EREAS, the Foundation is developed for community asset building; and <br />WHEREAS, the goal is to increase the capacity of local cummunitius to create <br />L permanent assets, cultivate local philanthropic leadership and to further sustain local nonprofits; <br />and <br />WIIEREAS, the application to participate is due nn February 2R, 20118; and <br />WHF.RF.AS, the Seward C:onununity Foundation needs to raise $25,000 iu 2UU8 and <br />raise another 525,000 in 2009; and <br />W'HF:KEAS, the Rasnmson Foundation will match 2:1 (SSU,000) of the first $25,000 for <br />a total of $15,000 unrestricted endowment funds and provide a S.S,000 grant to a local Seward <br />pr~jcct; and <br />WIIEREAS, the Rasmusnn Foundation will match another 2:1 (550,000) of the second <br />$25 1)00 in 2009 for a total of $150,000 unrestricted endowment (Ends arrd provide an additional <br />$5,000 grant for a second local Seward project; and <br />WHEREAS, the Alaska Commmnity Fautdation will provide al] administrative oversight <br />for the Seward Community Foundation which will allow the community to begin a foundation <br />without the c~punsc of staff; and <br />WIIEREAS, all of the funds will directly benefit the community of Seward; and <br />L WHEREAS, the City Council contributing $5,000 to the ignition 525,000 will help the <br />Seward Cunununily Foundation qualify for the initial Rasmusnn Grant. <br />