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Sponsored by: Oates <br />CITY OF SGWARU, ALASIi:1 <br />RESOLUTION 20118-008 <br />:1 RF.SOLU'I'ION OF TNN; CITI' COI:NC'IL UP THE CI'hY OF <br />Sr11'ART). ALAStC,1, APPRUPRt;1TthC; $65,000 FOR '('tiE <br />PL.RCHASt: UF' A USED 1996 05HhOSl1 SNUWBLO~~'GR FRO119 <br />TIIE STATE Ub'ALASIUI ~'F.HIC'LE SURPLUS AUC"PION <br />WHEREAS, it has hero dclcmtined the 1978 sou+4 blower currently owned by the CSty <br />of Seward has reached its reliable and useful life: and <br />WHt;REAS, due to the limited availability of repair parts and the cost associated with <br />them it wouldn't br fiscally responsible to repair the 30 year old snow blower, and <br />WHERE:IS, the State of .Alaska has a 1996 Oshkosh scow blower with a "new" tnrck <br />loading chute attachment available for punhase through the i).0.7 . surplus vehicle auction at a <br />price of 565,000; and <br />W'Hk:RE;15, a complete vehicle maintenance chick of the 1996 snow blower found the <br />equipment in be in good working condition; artJ <br />~1 H N:REAS, the cost to purchase a new snow blower would be iu excess of 5520,000. <br />NO~~','I'HERF.FORE, BF. IT RESOLVED BY THF. C1T1' CUI.!NCIL OP THF. <br />Ctrl' OF SF:~\`ARll,:*`L<1SKA that: <br />Section 1. The City Manager is hereby authoritcd to spend an amount not-to-exceed <br />S65.000 for the tnsrchasc of thr 1996 Oshkosh Snow Blow or from the State of Alaska. <br />Section 2. l•unding in the amount of S6S,000 is hereby appropriated from the motor pool <br />tiurdaceount fU2-lOZD-5930. <br />Section 3. This resolution shall take affect immediately upon its adoption. <br />MASSED :1ND APPROVED by the City Council of the city of Seward, Alaska, this 28"' day of <br />Jannarv. 2008. <br /> <br />