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6ponaored by: Oetce <br />CITY OF SF.WARD, ALASKA <br />~ RESOLUTION 2008-UIIY <br />A RE6OLU'tTON OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF 6E WARD, <br />ALA6 KA, IN CONTI NUED SUPPOR"F O F THF. MARY LO W ELL CENTER, <br />A MULI'1-AGENCY CENTER ANU 1'HF. DEVELOPMENT OF'I'HF, CITY <br />Uk' SF,W ARD'S CONFERENCE fENTF.A OF APPROXIMATELY 3fiSOSF <br />AND IDRECTING ADMINISTRATION TO REMAIN AN ACTIVE <br />YRO.IF.CT PARTNER <br />WHEREAS, the City ofScweN Mopted Resolution 2004-U99 supportingtha Mary Wwcll <br />Cemer, a Muhi-Agency Ccnla including the Seward Confeence Cevreq std <br />W HEREA6, We administration was direuad and hee taken an active lend mle in pureuivg <br />and helpinK w daclop the plan for the Multi-Agency (kmerand Seward Conference Caner, and <br />WHEREAS, the Cityef Seward recognizesthntlhe Aevelopment ofa Multi-Abarcy Center <br />thnl co-locams federal and smte edmmistrnlive offoca and visitoreompenenls into a ¢ivKlc building <br />includca a City of Sewed wnfecevw conteq and <br />WHF.RF.AS, the City of Seward has supported thin wncepl for many yearn and has <br />deinons¢nted its commilmenl by meelvtionsand vdminismetivesuppon as well asbeing aco-signer <br />r nn vprojmt Memorandum ofAgreemeng end <br />WHEREAS, the City Council has requested fundinKfora MUlti-Ageney Centerthat includes <br />a wnfuwu censer as a PrAcral Iegisla0ve priority sivca 2003; end <br />WHEREAS, in2U0], the Mary Lowell Centerparmerv worcivfouncd thattheUnited States <br />Forest Servicewav rodueivg Ncidevel ofpartieipetion ar nparmorin the Mery Lowell Centardueto <br />financial budges mslraivts; and <br />WIIEREA6, ee a result ofthe United Styles Forcel5avicc's mdaeed pvnicipation, the Cily <br />ndminulration rcvisirod the Ciry's prv[iupelion as a panncr in the Mary Lowell Center in n City <br />Council work session conducted on ]nnuury 26'", 2U08; and <br />WHEREAS, [he Ciry Council was prwertled with multiple seennries ofpmicipatiov as ¢ <br />project partner including the optien or no colLLbmnoe center and sevecal oNer options with a <br />conference ttnter mnginK ffom 10005£, 2WVSF, 3000SF and J650SF; anJ <br />WHEREAS, Iho Ciry Council members supportW tho wntivved participvtiov vs an active <br />partner in Iho Mary Lowell Center and supportN a City of Sewad conference center of <br />approximaloly 3GSOSF because it complimenlW existinK meeting spies in the cummuNty, could <br />suslmnlazgcr wnferences end offer more ^cxibility with partitioned wells. <br />