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Sponsoretl by: Oams <br />CI LY OF SEWARD, ALASKA <br />RESOLUTION 2008-012 <br />r A RESOLUTION OF THF, CITY COUNCIL OF THE CtTY OF SEWARp, <br />ALASKA, AUTHORIZING THE CITY MANAOF.R TO PURCHASE A 20^ <br />EXTENSION FOR THE 30 TON TRAVELIFI WITH ALL NECESSARY <br />TUBING. ANU HARDWARE FOR A PRICE NOT-TO-EXCEED $9,885.00 <br />AND FOR A LEAD TECHMCIAN TO3UPERVISE THE IN6'1'ALLATION <br />FOR A PRICE NOT-TO-EXCEED 56.020.00 INCLUDING AIRFARE, <br />ACCOM1IMODATTONS, VEHICLE RENTAL, PER DIEM,AND LARORAND <br />APPROPRIATE FONDS <br />WHEREAS, in 200fi [he Harbor purchased a new 50 tan TraveliR with the intention of <br />widetdnK thwnaohiue wbrn ¢ new IiR dock was built; vnd <br />WHEREAS, thevew extensionwill allow Ihel{¢rhorto be oapablu ofliltlvgwider boats in <br />the 40' ro 50'range; and <br />WHEREAS, Iheuew lift dock ismnrcntly wderwnsnucdon and scheduled to bewmpleted <br />by mid March; and <br />WHEREAS, "Marine TraveliR" is the Inclusive manufacturer of pans, and bolds the <br />werranry for the Seward Tmvelift, ¢nd <br />... WHEREAS, professiov¢I services that regoim epcclal knowledKe wdjudgment or aWcr <br />speciali>ed services ere cxompl Gom thewmpetitive prowremcut procalurq wd <br />WHEREAS, the public imetest would be hest served by notrequinnK the wmpetitive hid <br />process. <br />NOW, [HEREFORE, HE IT RESOLVRD RY THE CITY COUNCIL OETHE CITY <br />OF $F.W ARU, ALASKA IhaL <br />Seellon L The City Manager is authorized m purchase the 2U^ cxmmion for the 50 ton <br />TraveliR form Kendrick tlOnipment al the price ofnot-m-exceed $9,SSSUU. <br />Section A The City Manager is authoriz4 t0 approve the Lead Teclmicien Irvm Kendrick <br />Equipment to supervise the inetallalien at a priunot-to<xca 4,$6,020.00. <br />Section 3. Fonds are hereby appropriated Gom the Harbor Retained comings account nU. <br />401-OOOOJO50lo the Itarhor 50-Tqr LiR Division aauwl no. 401-0150-5930. <br />9cctiov 4. This resolwiov sh¢II take effect imvmdiatcly upon its adoption. <br />PASSED AND AYYRUVED by the City COUncil of the city of Seward, Alaska, this 11'" day of <br />February, 200A. <br />