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Spovsoretl by: Appfranc <br />CITY OF SEWARD, ALASKA <br />PLANNING AND ZONING COMMISSION <br />RESOLUTION 200AAI <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE SEWARD PLANNING AND ZONING <br />COMMISSION OF THE CFFY OF SE WARD, ALASKA, <br />RECOMMENDING CITY COUNCIL APPROVAL OF AMENDING TBE <br />LAND USE PLAN AND RF.ZONINC OF WTS 20, 2l AND 22, <br />CLF,ARVIEW SUBDIVISION NUMBER 6 FROM TWO FAMILY <br />RESIDENTIAL (R2) TO AUTO COMMERCIAL (AC) <br />WHEREAS, Applicant Stave Leirer has submittcd en application end 5250.00 fling fcc, <br />rcquestinH [het Lots 20, 21, and 22, Clearview Subdivision Number 6, be rezoned from Two <br />Favdly Residrntid (R2) m Avto Commemlel (AC); evd <br />WHEREAS, i ots 20, 21 end 22 ere cuvemly vacant IoM, approximately one erM one <br />Wrd (13)cues; and <br />WHEREAS, the current T ning of the propetty is Two Pamily Residrntial end the Lond <br />Use Plan designatlon is Two Family Rnsidmtial (R2); vrd <br />WHEREAS, the Aum Commercial district was esmblished to provide areas to <br />accommodem hiHhwey-oriented commemial aUivIUCS such as otRCUV, ccrlaln ivs6mtloval usce, <br />and limited personal urvices and retvil uus requiring substvndel nuWnor azfiviry, traffic, and <br />parking; and <br />WHEREAS, a goal of the Seward Comprchervsive Plm is m, "Mainvdn Sewnrd's Lmd <br />Qu Plan ns the primary loeal tool [o eveme queliry conunmdty lend vse etmvgemente, growth, <br />and develupmevt to Ne Year 2010"; and <br />WI~REAS, Ne public noafiredon process was wmplied with and the appropriate <br />public hearin6 es rryuved by Scwazd City Code 5 15.01.090 wax wmluctal by the Commission <br />an Febmery 19, 200A. <br />