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5ponsorcd by: Oates <br />GTY OF SEWARD, ALASK4 <br />RESOLUTION 2008-013 <br />A RRSOLIITION OE THC CITY COUNCIL OF THE GTY OF SE WARM, <br />ALASKA, PURCHASING TWO FENCE PICKE'p6 MUR '1 HE YARK5 <br />SENARD CO3IM1ILNITY PLAYGROENU YRUJEC.I' UN RF,HAI,F OF <br />SEWARD'S SI6TERCITIE9 OFOBIHIRQJAYIV ANDFU6HIRO,.iAPAN <br />WHF.RF.AS, the wmmlmity dmren cvnuniltce PARKS (Pareins Advocating Reerealionel <br />Kid Smfi) is fundraising to build n playground in 6mvard; and <br />WHEREAS, the City of SawaN hax aNhoriecd the use of a Portion of Innd on Bnllnine <br />Boulevard for the playground mW tees given snppmt for Ibe project; and <br />NHUREAS, m help PARKS inthcir fimdtaising elfnrtc and to continuemairdwning svong <br />ties with Seward's Sister Citias, Om Gly ofSeweN would like m purchase two fenw picknts in d~c <br />name of the City of Obihim, Sapm and the City of Kushiro, dnpan; vnd <br />WHEREAS, Pickets are $100 each and will he on sale until February 29, 2008', avd <br />WHEHEA6, it is the Ciry Cowcil's intUll to manoriahuSeward's Sistw Citiex in Ihcnos <br />6cwatd Cmnmuntty Playgrowd. <br />NON, TIIEREFOIiE, BE 11'RNSOLVEDDYTIIEOITY COUNGT.OFTHE CITY <br />OE SRWARD, ALASKA deaf. <br />9oellon 1. The Seward City Council wishes m pay for Iwo Ccaw pickets in the name of <br />6ista City Ohihiro, tapan nod 6ixla City Kushiro,.Iepan. <br />Section 2. Fmulx in the amount of 5200 are heroby designareA Rom the city wuncal <br />promoliona accotml no. 1 01-11 1 0.5 9 3 0 m be paid to Ne PARKS Committee, payable ro their <br />sponsoq Ne Seward Elks Cluh. <br />Section 3. '1Ytis resolution sh¢II lake nCfect inunediately upon its adoption. <br />PASSED AND APPRU V Eu by the Ciry Council ol'the city of Seward, Alaska, this 25'" day of <br />Pebcunry,2008- <br />