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Jpousored by: Dares <br />CITY OF BENARD, ALASK4 <br />ItESULU'PIDN 1008-0t5 <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF SF.WARD, <br />ALASK4, AUTHORIZING THE CITY M1TANAGER TO ENTER INTO A <br />MEM0RINDUM OF UNDERSTANDING WITR TIIC STATC OPALASK4 <br />FORPL.INNING, FIN.INCING, DESIGN,:IND CONSTRUCTION OF EHE <br />SPRINGCRECKCORRECTIONAL CENTEREXI'AN91ON PROJECT,.4ND <br />APPROPRIATING SIOQ000 TO BE REIMBURSED FRUM FLI'FURE BUND <br />PROCEEDS <br />WHEREAS, C1~ 160, SLA 2004 (dre "Act") passed by the Smre Leglslmure aurhorizedthe <br />8tata of Alavka to antra inro a john Owrersh[p agreement vnd a lenxe-purehvse agreement with the <br />City ol'SemuN Ibrthc upensi0n of SprinS Creek Correetonnl Center.("SCCC') by up ro 144 beds; <br />and <br />WHEREAS, the ACt wnditlans the Smte's authnrirym enter inm such agreernems bused on <br />rhe mremge pao-bed capital owls np[exeecding 9135,000, vs adjusted for inFlation, and mmual lease <br />payments not exceedig 914,600 per bed, and that the Scare ahvll ovm rhe SCCC at Poe and ol'thc <br />leaae Term: and <br />WHEREAS, Os. Gry and the SYnte desire m enter imonMememndum oNvdenw,ding for <br />the puryoec Ofpnrsning pmjectplanning and design, wilh the State asawnin5 the oasts of planning <br />and design and the Srvre Depanmen[ ofTtansportation and Public Fecilirice scrvlog es tbepmjecr <br />manager and mnhmting xthodry for the expartsion pmjwe, end <br />NHEREAS, rhe Memorandum Of Ondem'Iwdingmyuires tltat the CiryofSeward, ns owner <br />of the current fieiliry and site, aaepUesponsibillty f r vvrsning revarvebond financing supporced <br />Fy Pomrelease payments by the S Wlq whirl, is thesame Bneneing mechanism utilized ro wnstmcl <br />the initialSWClhcility, and <br />WHEREAB, dre City wrd Bte S'rzreintend that at the end of tfie term of repayment of the <br />hontls, the Swre wll I became the owner of Spring Creek Correctional Exility; and <br />WHEREAS, dre 8teteenriaipares beingable to Pond planningand desi¢n eHons withoutCiry <br />aiauncG bur in dre cvmr5tarc fiords ate not made xvvilnble to the project ondl after ]uly t, the <br />Cirydeshes to appropnae an amount norm exceed S 100,000 to expeditathepmject,withsaid fwds <br />m he reimhursed by Poturebond proceedsand/or appropdetions from the State; and <br />WHEREAS, in the event it becomes noocssery for We Gty ro expend i® own funde ro <br />expediW doigtS d¢ airy maneg¢ la euNOrized m amm~d the ManOr'andmn of Undn'etanding b <br />mgnim mpeymenr ofCity fiords fi~om fomre bond pmweds end/orapPmPriations Boor the State. <br />