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Spovsoretl by: Dates <br />CITV OF SE WARD, ALASKA <br />` RF,SOLUT'ION 200&Olfi <br />A RESOLI1TiON OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF TIIE CITY OF SE WARD <br />ALASKA, ADTHOI2ILINGA SOLE SOURCE CONTRACT WITH PRUCOM <br />ALASKAlMOTOROLA FOR PURCHASING AND INSTALLATION OF <br />INTEROPF.RARLE COMMUNICATION EQUIPMENT UTILIZING <br />HOMELAND SF,CU W'TY GRANTFl1NO8, ANU APPROPRIATING FUNDS <br />NOT TO EXCRRD 1204,440.00 <br />WHEREAS, the Seward POliccand Fire Department applied for and wasewardeda SH$GP <br />& LPTPP grant Gum the Department o(Hmnclamt Securty, iv the amovm of $204.440.Oh, and <br />WHEREAS, the City is nnl regnimd m provide any cash nr in kind ma¢h; and <br />WHEREAS, the grant was accepted and fulls in the amount el $204,440.00 were <br />appropriated by Ruselution 2007-I I5; and <br />WHEItA3, Nnds Gam fiis giant vsvst be used far pvrchasivg of an Interopemhle <br />Communiomiene equipment as identified in the yam applicmion; and <br />WHF.REA6, changcx to approve the egnipman were necessary and were aubmide+l m <br />Homeland Security and approval by Them; and <br />WHEREAS, NccLanKes will he thepumhasc of(1 XTL 5000 mohile VHF radie,IXT$ <br />5000 Astrn pigiml pottablcradio, l2 Anm Digi[vl X"1'S 500011 potlableradios, l4 XTS 2500 MDL <br />II portable radios; and <br />WHERF.A3, these pumhaxas will batter equip the EVmr%encyMwagement, Seward POhw <br />Dcpartmmr4 Seward Pire Depertmatl and 1he3mvoN Volunteer Ansbulavee Cary.ivmninttinivSita <br />goal ofprvvidivg mazimum protection posxibleto the lives and property of Ne citizens ofSeward; <br />and <br />WHEREAS, the State of Alaska wd Deportment of Defcnsc awavlW Motorola the salt <br />settee wntrad forthe ALMk syetevs for statewide interoperable evmrgcncy wmmunievtions; and <br />WHEREAS, this award was based on fact that Motorola has proprietary software for our <br />requested diemosa button Cune[ion for parmblc radios; wd <br />WHEREAS, PrvCorrun Aleskv designed, installed nnJ will cortythe meinmsvme wntrocts <br />forthewmmunitiee ofHOmeq Kertai, Saldatnn and eimilmconbects will be offued to Seward. wd <br />bxause all communities arc workinK with ProCnmm cost cffcctiee results should occur for all the <br />~ afore evtioned cvmnumitice, end it will also provide unquestiovcd wmpadbiliryofequipme+rt in <br />this award; and <br />