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Sponsored bY: Oates <br />CICY OF SEWARD, ALASKA <br />~ RESOLUTION 2008-U1] <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF'rHE CITY OF 6EW AItD <br />BUPPURTING TIIE PASSAGE UFSENATE BILL I I9 (AN ACT RELATING <br />TO GRANT PRUGAAM6 TO SUYPURT LIBRARIES) <br />W [IEREAR, pub lie libraries aze gesusvlly fundcA by twat gov esnmrnts and school hbrmies <br />am lbndal by the lornl orregioiwl school diatricw;and <br />WIICREAS, 6ermte Bill I I9 pmvidas for muoh nccdW ntna funding for Alaska's <br />libmrice, bosh school and public, mrd <br />WHEREA6,Seetion 2 ofSeiutc Bill l L9, AS 4.56355,oddressen Aluska'spubltelibsarics <br />needs for more wd dim nt space; and <br />WHEREAS, Section 2 of Sartaw Bill i19, AS 456355, wi6 calablish a motohing gcant <br />program That coulQ mbjec[to appropriations, aw~ml up to 50% ofthe total graotproject wst, either <br />new conavuclion or renovation, with 2U% lium local government amity and l0% from private <br />donors; end <br />\vHEREA6, research shows that children io schools with larger book colladions mode <br />better gains in wading and <br />WHEREAS, Section l ofSemm gill 119, AS 14.56.360, estvfilishes a poblip eGlool library <br />collwtive development Krant program m award end administer armual grants of np to 53,000 "m <br />expand and impmve d~c library collection m inoh,de mbvant and current renting materials"; and <br />WHEREAS, it is rho invent of this resolntion to ecek support far SB 119 fm~n the City <br />Cowcil of the City of Seward. <br />NOW', THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE CICY COUNCIL OF THE CCCY <br />UN SE WARD. ALASKA that <br />Section 1. The Sewmd C'.ity Council supponspassage of Senate dill 119 "An Act relating to <br />grznt pmframs to snppnrt librmics" <br />Swoon 2. The citymonageris dirccmd to forward tfiis resolution ofenpport to all membea <br />of the Alaska State LrKislnture by MvrcF I5, 2W8. <br />Seetlon 3. 'Hris msolmion shell take afieet immrdialnly upon its vdaption. <br />PASSF,D AND AYYROVED by the City Cnuneil of We Ciry of Seward, Alaska, this IU'" day of <br />March, 200A. <br />