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CITY OF SEWARD, ALASKA <br />RESOLUTION 2008-019 <br />Spousured by: Gams <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY f.OUNCIL OF THE CITY OF <br />SEWARD, ALASKA, AUTHORIZING THE CITY MANAGER TO <br />F,N IER INTO AN AGREF,MF.NT WITH TRYCK NYMAN HAYES, <br />INf.ORPORATED ("TMI") FOR CHANCE ORDER N2 TO THF. <br />CONSTRUCTION ANU INSTALLATION OF 1 &'f llOCKS AND <br />'!HE TRAVELIFf/DULKHEpp IN THE SMALL BOAT HARBOR <br />FOR AN AMOUNT NOT-TO-F,XCF.EU 550,000 AND <br />APPROPRIATING F[INUS <br />W[IEAEAS, on April 8, 2WG, (be Cily of Seward issueA a Request for Proposals <br />for Vlarmiag and design work ascnciateA with (he IWT Dock project A.c a result of a <br />ompeti[ive procurement process, the Ciry Council approved Resolution 200644 nn June <br />12, 2006, ewvrding a eomract to'fryck, Nyman, Hvyes, Ina ("TNH") in the amowt of <br />$13ppW to provide planning and design acrvicen. As of Iunq 2Wfi, the City had $2 <br />million available for the project and the planning and deign wnhad repmsented fi5% <br />of the mml project cost; and <br />WHEREAS, in late 2006, Iha Ciry receiveA edditiotml funding of $2.2 million, <br />nllowivg the City to expand tltc acopo of Ne I&T Dock project, brnging (hc total Prvjwl <br />aoe[ to $4.2 million, and the City Council epprovctl Aosolmion 2009-19 on Febmary 2G, <br />2009, en(horivng an oxpavsiov of [ha planning and design ecrviws swpe, and increasing <br />the amount of the convect with TNH by $88,890 (@om $130,000 to $218,890); and <br />WHEREAS, Iv September 20, 2009, the eaopc el' Iho projed was further <br />expwdad to include significant edtlitioval work aswcivted with enviranmranel roviews <br />and pcmtitling issues, in addition indvAing water vW other utility upgrades previously <br />excluded from the project. Thix resulted in a second change order in the amount of <br />552,000, bringing the total planning atW desiKV services wst m $210,890; and <br />WHEREAS, in rcccnl movlhs, them hove heen a mimbcr of unanticipated issues <br />which could not have beet[ fomacen at Iha time of the initial contract, including: Iha <br />reairanum o[ the harbormaster miA-way through the p jed, veceasimting additional <br />ersighl by 'LNH, and handling of day-today inquires pending hiring of a ve <br />trarbormastu; technical ohallengca eeaociatW wilh sheet pile and bolt4 trtihlY wnllid <br />w due to inadequate os-buih dmwinga; serving ae the subminal re ewer for <br />on[mctor hilling to wsnm Ilml work is wmple[ed properly pror b pa}nncnl by the City, <br />Gc. This work vecessimtes a third ohevgc oNOr iv the amount of $Sg000 brngin6 the <br />mml plamting end design services wst to $320,R9Q mprcecnling 1.6% of the taml project <br />cast. <br />