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CiryoJ Seward Alaska Ntsrorlo Preservatlon Commiss/on ddinutes <br />Jammrv IQ d008 Volume 2 Yare ]!13 <br />~, c,u m order <br />The lanuary16, 2008 regulmmeering ofthe Seward HistoricPreecrvatiou Commission wax <br />called m order at 6:30 p.m. by Vice Chair Tnm Swann. <br />Upeeiug Ceromovy <br />Commiseiomc Cazpcmcr Icd Ihr PlcdgcofAllegiavice b the Bag. <br />Roll Call <br />There were prexnt Vice Chair Tom Swann presiding, and <br />Livda tasola loM French <br />]olund l,onc~r Doug Capra <br />Crteg Carpenter <br />comprising a quorum ofthe Commission; and <br />Dons Glerv, Plamdng Assistant <br />Amc BWlcy, Executive LlWSOn <br />Absent were: Shannon Kovec, excused <br />Special Reports <br />City AdmivutmBov Report <br />Planning Aasutavt Oovva Glevz reported ov [he (oBosvivg items: <br />• Welcomedbuk Bailry and wrypatWntedherovbmdaughrer. Shesmtedthat Bailey <br />plv~ncd ro work parl [ima on Mondry, January 21, 2008 and fall time the fimt of <br />Febmay. <br />• InwducW BOb l3icks the new Community Development Direcmr <br />• The Clerks office reduced [he Council Drimed Packers by fifty pcrccm. The hismdc <br />Preservazion printed packets had Wsn bcen ndunzd. Packets for ell city meetings <br />were available on the uty website. Nhw: packets were pdottd on email was <br />genemtcd with a web IIWa IDr aaess. Commission packers wre still available ar <br />dispazch. <br />• Governor Yaliv had accepted nn invimBon to attend Ne Seward Iditarad Days nn <br />February 2-3, 2008. A Isy down had buev provid W wiW Bre current schwlWe. <br />• the MmW Society aml Kemd PeWvsWa Borough were bringh~gfnrwvrda Resolution <br />ofsuDPOrtbdesigpalc Seward as NeMwal CnpiW ofAlmka. SeriewrCary Srevms <br />