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8poveored by: Oates <br />~ CITY OF SF. WARD, ALASKA <br />RESOLUTION 5008-@3 <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE Cl'[Y OF 9E WARD, <br />ALASKA, ACCEFI'INC A GNANT IN THE AMOUNT OF 53,898,80 FROM <br />THE ALASKA HIGHWAY 6AF'ETY OFFICE FOR 2A1o6 THIRD AND <br />k'OURTH QUARTER ASTF.P SEAIRELT ENFORCEMENT CAMPAIGN <br />AND APPROPRIATING FUNDB <br />WHF,REAS, the $ewaN Police Depwlment h¢s been awarded a Program CoeNivatiov <br />Cram firm the Aloske HiDlrway Safety Office, iv the amount of $3,898.80: and <br />WHEREAB, the City ie rot required to provide any cash ¢r in kind mmeh; msd <br />W HF,RF,AS, the nse ofthcac fmWS mull be for the purpose ofproviding overtime sahnation <br />patrols by the SewarA Police Deparamev[ for dle onforcamam of seatbelt violations during ADnI <br />tlvcugh September 200A; ¢nA <br />WHEREAS, these lands ore essential ro the Seward Police Dnpmvnevt's abiliTy to enforce <br />seatbeh violations. <br />NOW, THEAEFORF., BEiT RF6OLVED EY SHE CITY COUNCIL OFTIIE CITY <br />DF sewnxn, ALASKA, tnac <br />Sectiov 1. The City Managtt is hereby outhorized to accept the 2W8 ASTEP Swlboll <br />Pvfomement, Alask¢Ilighwey S¢fety Office gr¢nlin substantiol form ae preeented at tldsvrGling in <br />the emoum of 53,898.80 and ester into a greet ¢greement. <br />SecfiU92. Funding ivthn umowtof$3,89B.80 ishembymceptedmgrant revrnue acoovnt <br />o. 1UI-OOVO-0680-WUU eud appmprialod to Iha Wlice depanmera's ¢venime eccounq nn. 1U4 <br />1210.5020. <br />Section ]. This resolution shall take effect imnmdialcly uDOn its adupticn. <br />