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r CITY OF' SEWARq ALASKA <br />RESOLUTION 2008-025 <br />spoasnred ny: oaroa <br />A RESOLUTION ON THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF SF.N'ARD, <br />ALABKA,SUBMITI'ING APROPOSfI10N TOTHF. QUALIFH:D V OTERS <br />AT'1'HE OCTOBER 7, 2008 REGULAR MUMCIPAi, ELECTION WHICH <br />6HALL AMEND THE SEWARD CITY CIIARTF.R, SECTION 5.4 (d), <br />SECTION 6.2 AN06.3 TO REQDIRE ABIENNIAI. BUDGET CYCLF. <br />WHEREAS, the City of Seward cumavdy operame untlu an annual budget cycle;and <br />WHEREAS, in the past twn yeare durinKbvdget discussions. Ne City Council expressed on <br />interest in moving to a Oiuwal budget proccse in order to provide more oppnrmnity Ior swtT and <br />Council to focus on longer-temr stra2gio ar,d Enancial planning Pmjwls~, az~d <br />WIIERF,AS, tNe same proposition camp be&m [he voters in the100fi regular murcipal <br />election, but Coiled to be adopted; aM <br />WHEREAS, the Glarter would he changed to mquirc approval oC a bie~mial, rather Ihan <br />annual, budget, in order m make more effective use o[eeuce time and resencees~, end <br />WHEREAS, the modi(icatiov of Charter language to mandate o bicmual budget process <br />.ould not allow discretion to acted between a or~cycaz or rwo-year budget, but would instead <br />mandatcn two-year hudgd; entl <br />WHEREAS, this meol0liov would provide dre bases upon which to approve a future <br />ordiuence nmevdment m SSC 220,035(9) and 225.045 (3) chavKing the reference liom nMUeI <br />hudgel to biennial budget; and <br />WHEREAS, iftha votem approvolha Char[archange, an ortlinanw wouldhe introduced to <br />the Llty Council ro make cortesPanding and necessary changes N Chaptu i.05 ofthe Seward Cily <br />Code; and <br />WHEREAS, a biennial budget proccse would allowcnuncil sad slaRto focus nn longterm <br />Gswl planning rather then shore term Fudge[ pmparatiov, and thus, stabilize rata inercvses for ite <br />cili'hms. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, RE IT RESDLYEII EY THE CITY COUNCIL OF TIIE CITV <br />OF SF. WARD, ALASKA that' <br />Seetlon 1. 'tlw city wwcil hereby proposes Ihet if approved by vamm m the October ], 2006 <br />municipal elactloq Seward City Charter Sectieva SA (d), 6.2 and 6.3, rele[ing to budgets, bt <br />