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FAILED Sponanretl by: Oates <br />CITY OF SE WARD, ALASKA <br />RESOLUTION 20U8-024 <br />A RESOi.UTION OE THE CITY COUNCII. OF THE CITV OF SEWARq <br />ALASKA, AUTHORIZING THE CITY MANAGER TO F.NTER INTO AN <br />AGREEMEN'C WITH WORTHINGTON FORD MORTHEPDRGHASE OF A <br />2008 F-550 4X9 SERVICE TRUCK, FOR AN AMOUNT NOT-TO-EXCEED <br />Sfi3,000.00 <br />WHEREAS, Boring tlrc 1A06 bodge[ pivaces, the Seward Cily Council aotltoriznd the <br />purchase of a replacement vehicle, however, time did t allow; and <br />WHEREAS, the existing vchicln is in need ofexpcnnive repairs and nol uprmtional and Nc <br />vehicle was sohcduleJ for replaoernmd two years ago; and <br />W HEREA6, replacement is nccessarym ensure reliebin trensposmLion. rcSain wnsis[mcy in <br />the eleerric departments vehicle replaec:venl schedule; and <br />WHF.RF.A6, it is m lheinterest of public safrtyto provide rolinble responee vehicles wthe <br />Elecvic Utility in order to timely mapond to outa5es and accidwns; and <br />r WHF.RF.AS, SCw;vd Clry Code 41U.120(b)authoriaes the Gty to utilizz eompcNGvebids <br />rccnly W from other 6avormnensal mti6es, aM the City ofpeward udcnda In vNize lha Smtc's heel <br />bid m purchase mis vchiclu <br />NOW, THEREN'ORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THF. CITY OOUNCIL OFTHE CITY <br />OF' 6EW'ARD. ALASKA, THAT: <br />SeGion 1. The Ciry MmaKm is hereby authorized to enter into an agreement with <br />WorthinSron FaN for the pmchaso of a 2W8 F-550 4x4 muck fur m amount not-m-exceed <br />963,000.UO. <br />Sectim 2. The Ciry Council busby fivds it in the public's iorerest w autlmrixo Iha City m <br />utilize coinpGitivn bits obtained by me Stale of Alaska, es authorized in Seward City Code <br />fl1a.12a(n~. <br />See6no 3. FrndluK ~ r the purcheec of this vehicle will coven frvm the mvror pool fund <br />cunipmmt acwmt na. 102-1020.54]0. <br />Smtiov 4. This resolution shall mks effect inmmdiately upon its adoption <br />FAILED by the City Connell ofthe City of Seward, Alaska, this 24th day of March, 2008. <br />