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The Cit~r of Seward, Alaska <br /> City Council Meeting <br />March lo, 20o~i 7:,U p.ln. Council Chambers <br /> 1. Call to Order <br />Clark i'orbridge Z. Pledge of Alle>;iance <br />\4ayor 3. Koll Call <br />Temt Lxprres 2UU9 <br />4. <br />Citizens' Comments On Any Subject Except Thnse Items <br />w,llard E. Uunham Scheduled For Ynblic Hcariug. /'Those xhi; have sr~rted M <br />vtcr Mayor tall he givers the fact nppnrtunlty' to .cpe:ak.. '17n1e rJ lilniled !u <br />'Lunn Expires 2UOR ? urinates per speaker and 30 minutes total ante ftr Chas <br />Robert Valdatta agenda ilea[.] <br />Counts l,lember 5. Approval Of Agenda And Consent Agenda (.~7ppr!,val uJ <br />T2rnt Expires 2UU9 COlD'e'If! .'t,4~e11[lif pi1J'J'C'J' i(ll r01(l111C' ftC'rr15 1f7C11CCl1C'Cl bt' <br /> Cl.$[el'!Sk (~/. (~all.Cepf agF'Jlda (feI/L(' !!re aUt cunJddered <br />Tort smah separate/~' tmless a councJl member so requests. Lt the event <br />Council Member <br />']'curt Expires 2U09 nJ .cur•h a rev uest, the item h' reh(nred ro the Re ular <br />- I $ <br /> :9gendaJ <br />Betsy kcllar <br />Counal btentber 6. Special (h•dcrs, Presentations Aud Reports <br />Temt Exp;res 2UU9 A. Proclamations and Award <br />lean Bardarson B. Borough .Assembly Report <br />Council titember C. City vtanager•s Report <br />l'ernt Lxptres 2UUb ll. PACAB Report <br /> li. SetvardiBear Creek Area Flood Service Board Report <br />Linda:lmberg F. [Iistoric Preservation Colnmission Report <br />COIInCiI \~lentber <br />'Lent Expires 20(iF (_i, UthCl' RCpUI'i5..41711U1111CCn1Cltl5 atld Pn;SCntatlon$ <br /> 1. 1 And T Harbor Dock Project update By Tryck. <br /> !Nyman & Hayes. <br />l'htlhp Oates <br />Ciq' Manager <br />~• <br />Public Hearings <br />lean Lctva A. Ordinances Reyuirin>; :~ Public flrariug <br />Ciri C:erk <br /> 1. Ordinance 200fi-002, Rescinding Ordinance 2005 0+71 <br />CherylBrookt°g <br />C And Ordinance 20(17-tlli), To Eliminate 'l'hc t'rupi,scd <br />nv Attomev <br />' <br />Increase In The Sales Tax Cap From $500 To $LOOII. And <br /> Retaining A Sales'1'ax Cap (_)f$SOIL ......................Pg 4 <br />("'tt)' of Sata~tud, :4lasku ['r.,rnua! Al;eteilu <br />,Llarclt T 0. 100b' Page I <br />