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The City of Seward, Alaska <br /> Special City Council Meeting <br />Morph 25, 2008 990 r C lCl~ b <br />Clark (brbnd0° L Call to order <br />M°y°` E. Pleagc of allegiance <br />iemr expire 2009 3. Roll call <br />Willord l)unbxm 4. Cil¢evs'comroenle pu any subjee[execntthoeeifems <br />Council Memncr aehedulea far public hearing. [Thosewbo have signed <br />Temt tlxpims 2o0fi hl will be given the fire( opportunity to spook. 'l'ime E <br /> IimitW to 2 minutes per apeekcr anU 30 minuta6 mml <br />Robert VVldvtra timetor this agenda item.] <br />C'°ancil Member <br />Tenn Expires 21109 5. Approval ol'aRetlUa <br />Tom SVtith 6. Few BUSlnes6 <br />C'onncil Member <br />Term Expires 211119 <br /> A Extt'uliv[Session <br />Oast K<Ila <br />Cwnvil MCmbet I-lio lnto Executive 3nsvion Te Conduct The City Manage( <br />Tem~[xpires 2009 Evalmtinn. <br />Icon BaNarsm~ 2. Go Info Exeeutlve Session To Condvet The Cily Clerk <br />Council Mrmber Evaluation. <br />Tvm Expires 2008 <br />I indnAmhry ~' f]nlmGl fOmmtln[ <br />Council MeniFU <br />Senn eAN~rs mac 8. CI[IZGI6' fOmmen[s <br /> 9. canner ana aammisnnnnn re6non6[mrlri..en.'epmm[m6 <br />croup Oates <br />Cily Ma~uger 10. Atlloumlvenl <br />levn I n <br />Gry Cledv <br />Cheryl Dracking <br />City Attorney <br />L'Iry q/'SewarJ. A(uvka Council AgenOn <br />Minch 25, 2008 <br />