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Sponsored by: Applicant <br />CITY OF SEWARU, ALASKA <br />PLANNING AND 7,OIVING COMMISSION <br />RESOLUTION 2008-17 <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE. SEWARD PLANNING AND ZONING <br />COMMISSION, RECOMMENDING CITY COUNCIL AND KF.NAI <br />PENINSULA I30ROUGH APPROVAL OF THE FEUERAL ADDITION <br />AV"CEC REPEAT, A RESUBDIVISION OF BLOCKS 6 & IS, FEUERAL <br />ADDITION <br />WHEREAS, the State of Alaska and the City of Seward are working together to <br />consolidate the AVTI;C facility into one State-owned and managed unit by exchanging a portion <br />of said property with the City; and <br />WHEREAS, the City of Seward can not make the land exchange with the State of <br />Alaska until the lots are replatted into the proposed conliguralion; and <br />WHEREAS, Cline and Associates submitted, on behalf of the State of Alaska, a <br />preliminary plat increasing the square footage of Block 6 to 123,477 sq feet and decreasing <br />the square footage of Block 15 to 21,723 square feet by creating Block 6A and Rlock 1~A; <br />and <br />WHEREAS, it is the Planning and Zoning Commission's responsibility to act in an <br />advisory capacity to the Kenai Peninsula Borough regarding subdivision plat proposals; and <br />WHEREAS, as required by Seward City Code Section 16.01.015 Conditions to plat <br />approval, property owners within 300 feet of Blocks G & 15, Federal Addition, were notified <br />by mail of the proposed platting action, and the property was posted with a public notice <br />sign; and <br />WHEREAS, this property is zoned Institutional ([NS) and the replat does not create <br />any non-conforming structures or Lots; and <br />WHEREAS, the current Block 6 is owned by the City of Seward and leased to the <br />State of Alaska until 2054; and <br />WHEREAS, the current Block 15 is owned by the State of Alaska; and <br />WHEREAS, no subdivision installation agreement is necessary because these lots are <br />currently serviced by municipal roads, water, sewer, electric and other utilities. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BF. IT RESOLVED by the Seward Planning and Zoning <br />Commission that: <br />