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Citvoj:Sex-c~rzt, Aluskra <br />l'Chf't!G/'l= ~ ~, X009 <br />Call to Order <br />P/unniiag Commissinr~ dliruu~s <br />l7dume li, Page 3 U 9 <br />The February 17, 2009 Special Meeting of the Seward Pla~u~ing & 'honing Commission <br />was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by Chair Roach'. <br />Opening Ceremuoy <br />Commissioner Heinrich ]ed the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag. <br />Roll Call <br />"Chore were present: <br />Sandie Roach' presiding, and <br />Suc McChu•c Cindv Ecklw~d <br />Sloven Heinrich Tena Morgan <br />comprising a quorum of the Commission; and <br />Christy Terry, Community Development Director <br />Anne Bailey, Executive Liaison <br />Excused were: Margaret Anderson <br />City Administration Report <br />Christina Stauffer <br />Community Development Director Christy Terry updated the Commission of the <br />following business items: <br />• The Long Tcnn Care Facility project continued with minor delays and IJNI'T's scheduled <br />date of substantial completion remained September 24, 2009 and the final completion date <br />was October 21, 2009. As of February 3, 2009, the amount Chat remained on the current <br />contract including unapproved change orders was $80,000 and if additional change orders <br />exceeded this amount administration would go beli>re Council for additional funds. <br />• The Mill Street Vista Avenue Public f tearing would be held on February 24, 2009 in <br />Council Chambers. <br />• Basic zoning interpretation questions had been answered regarding flood zone <br />designations, building permit reviews, business license and membrane structures. <br />• Determined the Mai Property could not be used as a bunkhouse in amulti-family zoning <br />district and the decision could he appealed by the National Parks Service. <br />• A Port and Commerce Advisory Board work scssia~ would be held February 18, 2009 at <br />noon to discuss the Mary Lowell Center and North Harbur Levelopment recommendations. <br />Borough Ordinance 2009-09 was being addressed at the Borough Assembly meeting <br />tonight. A phone lick was available at the local Borough office for participation in the <br />meetings. She clarified what was included in the Ordinance. <br />309 <br />