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City of Seward, Alaska <br />Muv 19, 2009 <br />Call to Order <br />Planning Commission Minuses <br />Volume 6, Page 3 3 6 <br />The May 19, 2009 Special Meeting of the Seward Planning & Zoning Commission was <br />called to order at 7:30 p.m. by Chair Roach'. <br />Opening Ceremony <br />Commissioner McClure led the Pledge of Allegiance to the t1ag. <br />Roll Call <br />There were present: <br />Sandie Roach' presiding, and <br />Sue McClure Cindy Ecklund <br />Steven Heinrich ~[~ena Morgan <br />comprising a quorum of the Commission; and <br />Christy Terry, Community Development Director <br />Donna Glenz, Assistant Planner <br />Anne Bailey, Executive Liaison <br />City Administration Report <br />Christina Stauffer <br />Community Development Director Christy Terry updated the Commission of the <br />following business items: <br />• Two appraisers from the Kenai Peninsula Borough were in town conducting a mass <br />appraisal. This was a citywide review incorporating attributes into the property's values <br />and changes to the property values would be provided to property owners in the next year <br />and the owners would be able to appeal at that time. <br />• City property had been vandalized near the tent area, the skate park, and playground. The <br />police were investigating and the Hoben Park fountain opening would be delayed until <br />after high school graduation. <br />• The Commission's quarterly joint work session with the Flood Board was on June 1, 2009. <br />The Commission would tour the Flood Board office at 6:30 p.m. and attend the Flood <br />Board meeting at 7:00 p.m. <br />• Northern Economics presented the Seward Marine Industrial Center Uplands Operational <br />Analysis to the Port and Commerce Advisory Board (PACAB) and Council on May 18, <br />2009. PACAB would evaluate the five possible courses of action for the area and <br />recommend a course of action. <br />• Community Development had received residential camping complaints and was <br />encouraging compliance with the code requirements. On June 1, 2009, a citywide review <br />