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C'iiv of Sc tit~urd, .4laskcr Pluru7in~~ Comn~issior7 Miriute.r <br />Jul}~ ?, ?009 Volume 6, /'u~~c' 3 41 <br />Call to Order <br />The July 7, 2009 Regular Meeting of the Seward Planning & Zoning Commission was <br />called to order at 7:30 p.m. by Chair Roach'. <br />Opening Ceremony <br />Commissioner McClure led the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag. <br />Roll Call <br />There were present: Sandie Roach" presiding, and <br />Christina Stauffer Tena Morgan Cindy Ecklund <br />Sue McClure <br />comprising a quorum of the Commission; and <br />Christy 'f'erry, Community Development Director <br />Anne Bailey, Executive Liaison <br />Excused was: Steven Heinrich <br />City Administration Report <br />Community Development Director Christy Terry updated the Commission of the <br />following business items: <br />• Community Development had worked on enforcement with flood plain development <br />permits, camping and off premise signs. "The department had also developed a list of Thank <br />Yous to businesses for landscaping work and asked the Commission to provide <br />suggestions. <br />• No skateboarding/biking signs would be posted in the downtown area on the sidewalks and <br />the two hour parking signs would be removed due to lack of enforcement. <br />• FEMA was to visit Community Development on July 9, 2009 to review floodplain <br />development and NFIP (National Floodplain Insurance Program) records. <br />• The last floodplain task force meeting was July 8, 2009 to set goals and provide direction <br />to the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly. <br />• Harmon Construction met the Branson Pavilion completion date of .luly 19, 2009. A one <br />year anniversary of the playground and pavilion ceremony was to be held that day and <br />reservations for pavilion use could be made after July 19, 2009 with Parks and Recreation. <br />• Final recommendation from the Economic Forum would he made at a Council meeting and <br />the main recommendation would be to develop a business packet. <br />