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City of Seward, Alaska City Council Minutes <br />September 14, 2009 volume 38, Page 147 <br />CALL TO ORDER <br />The September 14, 2009 regular meeting of the Seward City Council was called to order at <br />7:00 p.m. by Mayor Clark Corbridge. <br />OPENING CEREMONY <br />Police Lieutenant Louis Tiner led the pledge of allegiance to the flag. <br />ROLL CALL <br />There were present: <br />Clark Corbridge presiding and <br />Jean Bardarson <br />Bob Valdatta <br />Willard Dunham <br />Marianna Keil <br />Tom Smith <br />comprising a quorum of the Council; and <br />Phillip Oates, City Manager <br />Jean Lewis, City Clerk <br />ABSENT -None <br />COUNCIL VACANCY -One <br />CITIZENS' COMMENTS ON ANY SUBJECT EXCEPT THOSE ITEMS SCHEDULED <br />FOR PUBLIC HEARING <br />Jodi Stuart, was excited and thrilled to be repeating the Boy Scout extravaganza next May in <br />Seward, and was looking for support from the council on Resolution 2009-083 to utilize the park <br />areas along the waterfront. She stated the event worked smashingly well nine years ago and hoped <br />the city agreed to have them. back with open arms. She notified that the Boy Scouts planned on <br />celebrating their 100th Anniversary right here in Seward. <br />Kerry Martin, also supported passing Resolution 2009-083. He spoke before council nine <br />years ago when the Boy Scouts first came to Seward. Martin stated at that time there were over 3000 <br />scouts present. The first Boy Scout group in the area was recorded in 1910, with a scout named <br />Romig who may have been an ancestor for Anchorage's Romig Junior High. Martin also hoped for <br />support for Resolution 2009-086 which established a memorandum of agreement between the City <br />and the Seward Community Library/Museum BL!~lding Committee to transfer up to $200,000 to get <br />to the 35% design process which triggered grants and state funding capabilities. <br />Motion (Bardarson/Smith) <br />Motion Passed <br />Approval of Agenda and Consent Agenda <br />Unanimous <br />The following was added to the agenda: <br />