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City oj:Sewurd, Aluskc~ <br />Az~~~usr 0-l, 2U09 <br />Plcnantn,~r C'~~mmissiun A~linutes <br />Vuhimc 6, Pn,~re 3 4 8 <br />Call to Order <br />The August 4, 2009 Regular Meeting of the Seward Planning & Zoning Commission was <br />called to order at 7:30 p.m. by Chair Roach'. <br />Opening Ceremony <br />Commissioner Heinrich led the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag. <br />Roll Call <br />There were present: Sandie Roach" presiding, and <br />Christina Stauffer Steven Heinrich Cindy Ecklund <br />Sue McClure <br />comprising a quorum of the Commission; and <br />Christy Terry, Community Development Director <br />Donna Glenz, Associate Planner <br />Suzi Towsley, Executive Liaison <br />Excused: Terra Morgan <br />City Administration Report <br />Community Development Director Christy Terry updated the Commission of the <br />following business items: <br />• The upper stretches of Fourth of July Creek had shifted east within its banks, preventing <br />flooding of the area during the high-water event July 29, 2009. The main item of concern <br />was the bridge to Lowell Point and it was inspected by PND Engineering on Friday July 31 <br />and Sunday August 2, 2009 and was certified as safe. PND Engineering Inc. is the same <br />firm that was repairing damage to the bridge sustained during the 2006 flooding. Those <br />repairs are scheduled for completion in fall 2009 so damage from the .Iuly 2009 flood <br />should fall into the scope of that timeline. <br />• A meeting of the Seward E3ear Creek Flood service area had taken place on Monday <br />August 3, 2009 and KPB personnel gave a report of flooding. An F,OC had been activated <br />for outside city limits with a good pictorial record of the event. <br />• The Kenai River Center was expected to set ameeting/permitting day in approximately 2 <br />weeks. <br />• Christy Terry welcomed new Executive Liaison, Suzi Towsley and introduced her to the <br />commission. <br />• Alaska Homeland Security representatives will be here on Friday to work with Terry and <br />Kirsten Vessel on grant applications for Dairy Hill drainage system. A representative for <br />the Seward/Bear Creek Flood Board will meet with HLS as well to discuss flood mitigation <br />