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City of Sevvard, Alaska Planning Commission Minutes <br /> April 12, 2011 Volume 6, Page 4 3 4 <br /> Call to Order <br /> The April 12, 2011 Special Meeting of the Seward Planning & Zoning Commission was <br /> called to order at 6:30 p.m. by Chair Roach'. <br /> Opening Ceremony <br /> Commissioner Heinrich led the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag. <br /> Roll Call <br /> There were present: <br /> Sandie Roach' presiding, and <br /> Tena Morgan Dale Butts <br /> Steven Heinrich Scott Seabury <br /> Cindy Ecklund <br /> comprising a quorum of the Commission; and <br /> Michelle Weston, Assistant City Manager <br /> Donna Glenz, City Planner <br /> Dwayne Atwood, Planning Assistant <br /> City Administration Report <br /> City Planner Donna Glenz updated the Commission on the following business items: <br /> • The City of Seward information database, Laserfiche Weblink, had been periodically <br /> unavailable during the week. The database supports a limited number of simultaneous <br /> users and at times access was restricted. <br /> • Glenz noted the City of Seward attorney had provided a ruling regarding the Kenai <br /> Peninsula Borough policy that local Planning & Zoning Commissioners who also serve at <br /> the Kenai Peninsula Borough level were unable to vote at the local level and again at the <br /> Borough Planning Commission level. The City attorney concluded the Kenai Peninsula <br /> Borough was within its right to set and keep its current policy. <br /> • Building Department figures showed that 34 building permits were approved during 2008, <br /> 59 during 2009, 51 during 2010 and 15 as of April 12, 2011. <br /> • City- sponsored bus service was scheduled to begin for the season starting May 20. <br /> • Harbor Opening Weekend festivities were planned for May 20 through May 22. <br /> • The Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly was scheduled to hold its Seward meeting on <br /> April 19. <br />