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Sponsored by: Staff <br /> �,.. CITY OF SEWARD,ALASKA <br /> PLANNING AND ZONING COMMISSION <br /> RESOLUTION 2013-19 <br /> RESOLUTION 2013-19 OF THE SEWARD PLANNING AND ZONING <br /> COMMISSION OF THE CITY OF SEWARD, ALASKA, <br /> RECOMMENDING CITY COUNCIL AND KENAI PENINSULA <br /> BOROUGH APPROVAL OF CITY OWNED FOURTH OF JULY CREEK <br /> SUBDIVISION, SEWARD MARINE INDUSTRIAL CENTER (SMIC), <br /> WASHDOWN PAD REPLAT, A RE-SUBDIVISION OF LOT 4, BLOCK 7, <br /> FOURTH OF JULY CREEK SUBDIVISION, SEWARD MARINE <br /> INDUSTRIAL CENTER, LOCATED WITHIN THE INDUSTRIAL <br /> ZONING DISTRICT <br /> WHEREAS, administration hired Cline and Associates Land Surveyors to prepare a <br /> preliminary plat of City owned Block 7, Fourth of July Creek Subdivision; and <br /> WHEREAS, Cline and Associates has submitted the preliminary plat to be known as <br /> Fourth of July Creek Subdivision, Seward Marine Industrial Center (SMIC) Washdown Pad <br /> Replat; and <br /> WHEREAS, this platting action subdivides Lot 4, Block 7, Seward Marine Industrial <br /> Center, Fourth of July Creek Subdivision, creating three (3) parcels Lot 4A, 4B and 4C, totaling <br /> approximately 15.4 acres; and <br /> WHEREAS, the property is located within the Industrial Zoning District (I); minimum <br /> lot size and width as required by City Code have been met; and <br /> WHEREAS, the new Lot 4B contains the recently completed vessel wash down pad, <br /> existing driveway and utility easements; and <br /> WHEREAS, City staff have reviewed, commented and voiced no concerns with the <br /> Fourth of July, SMIC Washdown Pad Replat; and <br /> WHEREAS, Block 7 is currently serviced by private roads, municipal water, sewer, <br /> electric and other utilities; no a subdivision installation agreement shall be required; and <br /> WHEREAS, it is the Planning and Zoning Commission's responsibility to act in an <br /> advisory capacity to the Seward City Council and the Kenai Peninsula Borough regarding <br /> subdivision plat proposals; and <br /> WHEREAS, as required by Seward City Code §16.01.015, Conditions to plat approval, <br /> property owners within 300 feet of the requested replat were notified of the proposed <br /> subdivision, and the property was posted with public notice signage. <br />