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Sponsored by: Planning and Zoning Commission <br /> CITY OF SEWARD,ALASKA <br /> RESOLUTION 2016-007 <br /> A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF SEWARD, <br /> ALASKA, RECOMMENDING KENAI PENINSULA BOROUGH <br /> APPROVAL OF THE FORT RAYMOND SUBDIVISION, REPLAT NO. 4; <br /> CREATING TWO PARCELS TO BE KNOWN AS LOTS 11A-1 AND 11A- <br /> 2, LOCATED AT APPROXIMATELY 2200 DIMOND BOULEVARD, <br /> WITHIN THE PARK ZONING DISTRICT <br /> WHEREAS, Segesser Surveys has submitted a preliminary replat to the City of Seward <br /> for review and recommendation to the Kenai Peninsula Borough; and <br /> WHEREAS, this platting action will create two (2) parcels, the southern Lot 11A-2 <br /> containing 1.566 acre is planned to accommodate a proposed senior housing project; to the north <br /> is Lot 11A-1 containing the remaining 3,200 acres; and <br /> WHEREAS, the properties of this replat are located within the Park Zoning District (P) <br /> and exceed the minimum lot size and lot width as required by City Code, with frontages on <br /> Dimond Boulevard, Sea Lion Avenue and Hemlock Avenue; and <br /> WHEREAS, no subdivision installation agreement is necessary, all parcels are currently <br /> serviced by municipal roads, water, sewer, electric and other utilities; and <br /> WHEREAS, City staff have reviewed, commented and support the proposed Fort <br /> Raymond Replat No. 4, subject to the conditions listed within this Resolution; and <br /> WHEREAS, the Seward Planning and Zoning Commission held a public hearing on <br /> January 19, 2016 and approved Resolution 2016-01, recommending the Seward City Council and <br /> the Kenai Peninsula Borough approval of the replat. <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE <br /> CITY OF SEWARD,ALASKA,that: <br /> Section 1. The Seward City Council, in accordance with Seward City Code Section <br /> 16.01.015 (B), approves the submittal of City-owned Fort Raymond Subdivision Replat No 4 to <br /> the Kenai Peninsula Borough Planning Commission. <br />