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mg <br /> 2( c/ 4 V)(1, <br /> From: Jim Hunt <br /> Sent: Monday, February 10, 2014 9:28 AM <br /> To: Johanna Kinney <br /> Subject: FW: Re: Burns and burn policy <br /> Laydown for tonight. Sent to department heads. <br /> Thanks <br /> Good morning, <br /> As a result of the last burn and following controversy I have informed <br /> AKDEC's Air Quality Program Department I will be distributing the State's <br /> burn policy to city department heads. <br /> In the future, all parties interested in holding a permitted burn or <br /> participating in a permitted burn MUST clear it with Fire Chief Athey. At no <br /> time shall an employee of the city unilaterally initiate a permitted burn or <br /> place material in or near a permitted burn. Attached is the Alaska Air Quality <br /> Burn Program. Please review it and save it for reference. <br /> Thank you, <br /> Jim <br /> Jim Hunt <br /> City Manager <br /> Seward, Alaska <br /> 907.224.4047 <br />