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City of Seward,Alaska City Council Minutes <br /> March 27,2018 Volume 39,Page 395 <br /> CALL TO ORDER <br /> The March 27,2018 regular meeting of the Seward City Council was called to order at 7:04 <br /> p.m. by Mayor David Squires. <br /> OPENING CEREMONY <br /> Police Chief Tom Clemons led the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag. <br /> ROLL CALL <br /> There were present: <br /> David Squires presiding and <br /> Marianna Keil Ristine Casagranda <br /> Sue McClure Erik Slater <br /> Suzanne Towsley Jeremy Horn <br /> comprising a quorum of the Council; and <br /> Jim Hunt, City Manager <br /> Brenda Ballou, City Clerk <br /> Will Earnhart, City Attorney <br /> Absent—None <br /> CITIZEN COMMENTS ON ANY SUBJECT EXCEPT THOSE ITEMS SCHEDULED FOR <br /> PUBLIC HEARING <br /> Cuno Hansen said he had been a linesman for forty years;he was behind including the two <br /> Electric Utility Department staff members to the IBEW one hundred percent. <br /> Rebekah Ivy wanted to show her support for IBEW petition for recognition. As a support <br /> staff,she worked hand in hand with the IBEW. She believed that unnecessary fragmentation would <br /> occur if she was not allowed to be included in IBEW. The workers in that department acted as a <br /> team, even though not everything was in their contract; they worked hard and they worked well <br /> together.. <br /> Justin Roberts said he was the general counsel for IBEW. The Field Engineer and <br /> Administrative Assistant were the two positions being requested to be added. Avoiding <br /> fragmentation, coupled with the expressed desires of employees wishing to be added, were two <br /> reasons why he supported the petition. <br /> Vernon Willet said he supported the IBEW petition;he believed there was a commonality of <br /> interest in the Electric Utility Department, and he thought having two contracts in one department <br /> would add an undue burden on the department manager. The IBEW workers did a lot of work that <br /> was helpful to the community, and they continued to demonstrate a spirit of cooperation. <br />