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<br />r-=- <br /> <br />lntCQ,TlTION NO. 143 <br /> <br />A RE'.S>LUTION TO ES'l'Am.ISH A PAYROLL ACOOJNT FOR THE CITY' OF SEWARD6 <br />llLASKA, WITH THE SEWARD BRANCH, FIRBr NATIClfAL BlUU: OF ANCIDRAGE6 <br />SBiARD, ALASKA. <br /> <br />WHEREAS, the City of Seward, Alaska, desires to establish <br /> <br />one payroll account to be blown as City of Seward - Payroll Account <br /> <br />for the purpose of accepting funda for gross ll'eqe. aClCllrued from all <br /> <br />City and City Utility Departments and making disblrsements for net <br /> <br />wages earned to employees and making disbu.rsements for payroll taxes <br /> <br />and any other lIJDOunts legally withheld from employees wages6 and <br /> <br />WHEREAS, it is neceslll1ry to instruct the Seward Branch, <br /> <br />First National Bank of Anchorage to honor City of Seward - Payroll <br /> <br />Acoount warrants containing c.rta in signAtures, <br /> <br />No,.;, THEREFORE, BE IT REWLVED, and it is hereby resolnd <br /> <br />that the Seward Branch, First National Bank of Anchorage, be, and it <br /> <br />is hereby instructed to honor the signatures of Alex Petrovich as <br /> <br />Acting City Manager 6 Beatrice E. Watts as City Clerk and Elizabeth <br /> <br />L. Mahan as City Treasurer, effective January 156 1960 for all war- <br /> <br />rants drawn upon the CITY' OF S:aiARD - PAYROLL ACCCXJNT. <br />AM EMERGENCY IS EEREBY DECLARED TO EXIST and the rules govern- <br /> <br />ing the pauage of ordinanoes and resolutions are hereby suspended and <br /> <br />this Resolution is hereby given immediate effect upon its passage and <br /> <br />approval. <br /> <br />Pass ed and approved this <br /> <br /> <br />ATII:m: ~~<:.vC --aJ~ <br />Beatrice E. Watts, City Clerk <br />I hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and correct CO'f11 of CitUf SewarQ Resolution <br />No. l4~ as passed by the City Council of the City of Seward on the ~~ of January,1960 <br />,~ ~.~E< W~~ql/uL <br />