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<br />r-~c <br /> <br />REfQJJTICII 110. U6 <br /> <br />WHEREAS expenditures fro. yarious Seward Electric System funds and <br /> <br />yariou. Seward Water Syst. fwds pre.~tly authorized by the Seward Utility <br /> <br />Board throuqh warranh drawn on The First National Bank of Anohoraqe, Seward <br /> <br />Branch are olosed 118 of March 21, 19601 by the adoption of Ordinance No. 2921 <br />which aboU.he. the Seward Utility Boar~ eel <br /> <br />WHEREAS it has become neee...ry that The Fint National Bank of <br /> <br /> <br />AnChoraqe, Seward BruGh be i.structed aid authorized to honor Seward Eleotri. <br /> <br />Syst_ and Seward Water Sy.t.. warrants oontaininq _rtdn siqnature. <br /> <br />1Dl, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, and it is hereby resolftd, that The First <br />Hational Bank of AnClhora'll.1 Seward Branohl bel and it is hereby ill.trucrl:eci te <br />henor the .iqnature. of Alex PetroTioll .. Acrl:inq City Manager, Beatrice E. Watts <br />as City Clerk and Hurl Trenthan a. A.tlng Manager of the Publ1. Utilities <br /> <br />efhoUft Marah 22, 1960 for an warrants drawn upon the B.ward Public UtilitYI <br />Seward Public Utility Sinkhq Fund A.ClO1lnt, 1954 Seward Electric Utility ReT.nue <br />Bend Redemption Fund, 1954 Sward Bl.crl:ri. Utility Rev.n.e Bond Redemption l\mcl <br />R..ene, 1956 EleCltric Utility R.TOnue Bend Redemption Fund, 1956 Electric Utility <br />Revenue Bond Redemption Funcl Reserve, 1957 Seward Electri. Utility Revenue Bond <br /> <br />Redempt len Fund, 1957 Seward Eleotricl Utility ReTenue Bold Redelllption fUnd Re. <br /> <br />.ene, Water Depa.d......ui. Water Revenue 110. 2, Water Depart_nt Water Depoe it <br /> <br />A.count No.8, Water Bond Red-.,Ucm Fund Ho. 5, an checkiDq a.ceunb <br /> <br />of the Seward Eleotric Syste. and Soward Water Byst..; and the Seward Publio <br /> <br />Utility SiuiDO' Pud &Tiaqs Mcount Ho. 2938 of the Sward Eleotr1o ay.t... <br /> <br />An ._rq.noy 18 h.reby dllclared to exist ucl the rule. q....rninq the <br /> <br />paua'lle of erdinan.e. and rellOlutions are hereby nspended and this R...lution <br /> <br />is hereby giTOn i11111.diato effeet upon ita md apprOTal. <br /> <br />....... .ftd .-...... this .1st ~Cif~ <br /> <br /> <br />ATTEST: Alex 'l:roYich, Mayor <br /> <br />'-/Jed l::i;-u ~ yLl~~ <br />Beatrice E. Watts, City Cl.rk <br />I hereby .ertify that the foreqolng i. a true ud correct cePY' of City of Seward <br />R...lution Ho. UEl as pa...d by the City CounClil of the City of Sward an the <br />21st day of March 1960. <br /> <br />-Ll. ~ - ~ '-7~~ <br />-- :-,. ..IJf ., c....#' _ c_ CA:.../ cL -'-", <br />Beatrice E. db, City Clerk <br />