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<br />r <br /> <br />, .--..' <br /> <br />TI~\G OJTJTIOIT 1;0. 150 <br /> <br />A1TI'{CR IZITiG FILI;iG OF APPLICATIOIi ~)IT:I TI-IE TEHT:CDSTATES or <br />AE~P ICl'. FOP AH ADVlUTCr. TO PROV]]};:; rem J.'TC PIJA:JTHNG OF Pu:3LF:; <br />';fORKS miID:m Ti-rr, TERIlS OF PUBLIC LA'.1 560, ~3rd CONGRE3C:l OF T~rc <br />m'IT'i'D "mAry,,, A" A'IQ~ID""T\ " ;;?,,~ <br />'J J.J..._ 01 1.; J0 , IJ LU.:.,l' __..J.l.1. ~_ , <br /> <br />T;mEREAG, City of Se\'lard, Alaska -- Ge\,ard ':fa ter Sys te:ll here in <br />calJ ed the 11 Applicant, 11 after t:lorough consideration of the various <br />aspects of the problem and study of available data has hereby de- <br />termined that the construction of certain public works, generally <br />described as im.provements to water s:,sterll including sources of <br />supply and rehabilitation of distribution system, is desirable <br />and in tIle public interest and to that end it is necessary tilat <br />action prelininary to the construction of said works be taken <br />iliwediately; and <br /> <br />'ilIIEREAS, under the terms of Public La\1 560, 83rd Congress, <br />as amended, the United States of Am.erica has authorized the lJlaking <br />of advances to public bodies to aid in financing the cost of <br />engineering and architectural surveys, designs, plans, working <br />drcl\orings, specifications or other action preliminary to and in <br />preparation for the construction of public \'lorks; and <br /> <br />'.'lTl'-::REAG, the Applicant l1as exaiuined and duly considered such <br />Act and t:le Applicant considers it to be in the public interest and <br />to its benefit to file and ap!llication tmder said Act and to autllor- <br />ize other action in connection therevlitl1; <br /> <br />1m!, THEREFOr.:c, 1:-3:-; IT :1:CC OI,VI<;D J1' The Com.m.on Cowl.cil of tile Ci t:r <br />of Se\rard, Alaska, the GoverninG body of Applicant, as folIous: <br /> <br />1,' That the cor:8truction of said public vlorks is essential <br />to and Is to t;le best interests of the Applicant, and to tile end <br />t;lat such public \'lorks' be provided as pro:nptl:' as practiceable <br />it is desirable that action preli"linary to t11e construction tllereof <br />be ~~dertaken ii~nediately; <br /> <br />1<' If, 2 m' t D , P T' At." C' t ...... b" b .L" <br />,/! .~Jlt>., . r,ay~'. "anes, c lnb l y l.pnager e ilere y au"nor- <br />::;p_/~ ized to file in behalf of the Applicant an application (in form <br />']5 required by the United states and in conformity with said Act) f'or <br />?AJ' an advance to be made by tl,e United States to the Applicant to aid <br />in defraying the cost of plan preparation for the above descrioed <br />public vlorl\:s, wilic:l shall consist generally of field surveys, test <br />:101es, flo\'! tests, Preliminary Plans, Profiles, Cost Estimate, Report, <br />'-ia ter Rate Sc !led ule . <br /> <br />3. TilD. t if such advance be made, the Applicant shall provide <br />or make necessary arrangements to provide SUC;l funds, in addition <br />to the advance, as :.1ay be required to defray the cost of the plan <br />preparation of such public works; <br /> <br />Lt. T~le said Ba~'? Ja;nes, Acting Cit~' :ranager is hereby <br />authorized to furnish SUCD information and take SUC;l ot:ler action <br />as Elay be necessary to eno.ble t'le Applicant to qualif:/ for t;le ad- <br />vance; <br /> <br />5. 'l"tat t:le officer desi~no.ted in the precec:.1.nG paro.c;rapil <br />is :lereb~" desiG~l3.ted as t:le aut::lOrized representative of the Applicant <br />for t:le purpose of furnis:linc to t:l.e United StLl. tes SUC;l infor::la tion <br />data, and docwaents pertaininc to t;'Je application for an advance as <br />:.10.:/ he required; cud ot:-Cenrise to act as the aut:lOrized represent- <br />a tive of tile J_pplicant in co:mection Hi tel t:ds Llpplic3. tion. <br /> <br />(). T'V1 t certified copies of t:lis resolution be included as <br />part of tOle o.pplication for o.I'.. advance to be subi.1itted to t:1e <br />