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<br />r----- <br /> <br />R:ESOLUTION NO. 158 <br /> <br />BE IT R:ESOLVED that the City Manager and Clerk of the City <br /> <br />of Seward are instructed to execute and deliver the Extension <br /> <br />of Option to Lease certain City owned property to Shell Oil <br /> <br />Company when prepared in proper form by the City Attorney and <br /> <br />including ninety day notice to the City to vacate, for a <br /> <br />period of six months from July 1, 1960 to December 31, 1960. <br /> <br />An emergency is hereby declared to exist and the rules govern- <br /> <br />ing the passage of ordinances and resol utions are hereby <br /> <br />suspended and this Resolution is hereby given i.JIm:ldiate effect <br /> <br />upon its passage and approval. <br /> <br />Passed and approved this 1st day of July, 1960. <br /> <br /> <br />Attest: <br /> <br />U-.:-4; r ~'_ ?~ '2(/,LZI:- <br /> <br />Beatrice E. Watts, \.iity Clerk <br /> <br />,. <br />