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<br />r~-- <br /> <br />--..- <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />CI'1'Y 0' <br />SEWARD ALASKA <br /> <br />RESOLUTION NO. 164 <br /> <br />BE IT RESOLVED b,. The COJDIIIfm Council ot the CITY OF SEWARD, ALASKA, <br /> <br />AI!! SpokeStlen for the grate1\tl citiloene ot our cODllllU11t,., that thiB <br />Mew:lrial Reeolution be mad. a pet'!llallent part ot the reco1'Cle of this <br />Cit,. in ~gn1 tion of the almost 2' ,..are of outstanding public <br /> \Ulstintingly NIlderecl by <br />FRED KIElCHESKI <br /> <br />to this O( In'lt,. as a public spirited citizen a.nd serving at various <br /> <br />tiM8 as COl'!IIIiallioner of Pllblic lVOrksj Chier ot Police and Fire Chief. <br /> <br />~ ~~~~1h <br /> <br />ans Hat-.iet , Counclban <br /> <br /> <br />n~ <br />~ )t~/L-J <br />Wi .., bounoilman <br /> <br /> <br />.~ AIJ.;)~- <br />eon, Counm 1....." <br />:) / <br />~~ <br />~AA7A/j~ <br />. bert e, Coun JJaan <br /> <br />Dated this 20th day of JulT, 1960, at Seward, Alaska. <br /> <br />