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<br />I <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />I <br /> <br />City of Seward, Alaska Port and Commerce Advisory Board Minutes <br /> <br />Vol 3, vage 298 <br /> <br />PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE TO THE FLAG <br /> <br />Board Member Goodwill led the pledge of allegiance to the flag. <br /> <br />CALL TO ORDER <br /> <br />The January 7, 2004 regular meeting of the Seward Port and Commerce <br />Advisory Board was called to order at 12:00 by Chair Altermatt. <br /> <br />ROLL CALL <br /> <br />There were present: <br /> <br />Deborah Altermatt, presiding, and <br /> <br />Karl Van Buskirk* <br />Roger Mercer <br />Jack Goodwill <br /> <br />Melody Jordan <br />Tom Tougas <br />D.J. Whitman <br /> <br />* arrived at 12:07 p.m. <br /> <br />Absent: <br /> <br />Doug Lechner <br />Jerry Waliezer <br /> <br />Comprising a quorum of the Board; and <br /> <br />Rick Gifford, Assistant City Manager <br />James B. Beckham, Harbormaster <br />Willard Dunham, Councilmember <br />Louis Bencardlno, Alaska Railroad Corporation Rep. <br />Judi Sweeney, PACAB Secretary <br /> <br />SPECIAL ORDERS, PRESENTATIONS, AND REPORTS <br /> <br />Louis Bencardino, Alaska Railroad Corporation Representative <br />reported good news from a morning railroad meeting. He said the ARR had the <br />best year they have ever had. He said they tripled the business this past year. <br />They have had big container ships coming in because of the Port of Anchorage is <br />iced up and that the next container ship would try to go to Anchorage. The <br />Railroad is hoping'they will stick around until March or April. He said they seem to <br />like it here. He said the ARR is trying to improve the area and they have people <br />that want to lease property. Bencardino said that a proposed LDL plant has been <br />discussed lately. It is a $50 million dollar plant with approximately 180 to 200 <br />people working there. He said they have been talking about shipping timber out of <br />here from the mill and the dock. He remarked that we need to support the <br />companies coming here like Samson. <br />